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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monster ~ A Review

Let the Illuminati rumors resurface.
Kanye West ft Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z - Monster 
collaborate to re~ignite the viral waves with their Monster video.

Opening with a body hanging from a noose, the talk will begin to decipher when, where and how these artists are related to the "dark underworld" of the Illuminati. 

But once again, simpler explanations can be inferred.  Let's dissect it, shall we?

Kanye specializes in the "stylized" video concept for this millenium, so the images go without question.  Combine the visual "shock value" of hanging mannequins and the lyrics and what you get is typical Kanye. 
00:37 ~ Gossipping hands grasping his frame.
01:15 ~ Kanye positions his fans.
01:51 ~ Kanye loves his fans and their voyeurism *see Twitter*.
02:15 ~ Love me, DAMNIT!
02:25 ~ Enter Jay Z...*in his Hova voice*  Let's play with these images...yeah...haha.
03:03 ~ Insert typical Dame Dash Diss *chuckle*.
03:40 ~ Enter Minaj and her random eye movements and quirky voice.
04:06 ~ Try and recall a Nikki line without rewinding... (I'll wait).
04:50 ~ Nikki fights herself without Lil Kim's assistance.  Weaveologist around the world cheer.
05:29 ~ Kanye reminds you that he may or may not be affiliated with the Illuminati *allegedly*.
05:52 ~ We're all entertained and 4 more rappers head to the bank...

Good show!

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