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Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm watching way too much Law and Order lately.  Starting to approach life in general and politics in particular like a crime scene.  Seminal fluid, hair samples, dental work and the all to common "guilty admission".  Watch me adopt my Vincent D'Onofrio stare.  And like a serial killer returning to the scene of the crime, Texas has managed to produce/manufacture/construct/call from the dead another governor whose sole mission in life is to wad this nation in his puritanical fist and shove use face first into the bowels of hell.  (Yes, that's a Texas heat reference, for the uninitiated).

I'd like to say that I'm non~partisan, but that...would be a lie.  I'm a wallet Republican and a spiritual Democrat.  (If I have to explain that, you're already lost).  So, I'll speak from my wallet first.  Rick Perry is evil.  Let's ignore the fact that Perry assumed governorship following G. Bush's Presidential win in 2000.  Further parallels include:

Bush's "Jesus Day" on June 10, 2000 and Perry's "Response"  (a call to prayer to "fix" the national debt in August of 2011).  In his second term as governor, Bush announced his Republican run for presidential candidacy.  Perry announced his decision to run in August of this 2011.  Both espouse/sledgehammer/bully pulpit a call for Judeo~Christian values that are unrivaled (mostly because of their mutual open affection for carrying concealed weapons...conjecture.).  

Pro death penalty, haphazard regard for the environment, anti abortion, anti taxation of the wealthy, pro social program cuts. Despite Bush's early advocacy of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs which were PROMPTLY cut by his next term and shifted towards imprisoning addicts...NOT treating them.

*dismounts soapbox*

Back to the matters at hand...

I'm concerned that most won't understand the gravity of a Rick Perry presidency, because...well...he prays and stuff.  "God Bless America...and nobody else!"

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