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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An "Oldie but Goodie" (and somehow still relevant...)

First...I'm NOT a blogger (contrary to this whole entry/system thing...) I don't have the ego to think that everyone enjoys the machinations and ruminations of my simple mind, however, occasionally things happen and instead of playing "secret squirrel" with chestnuts...I share. That being we go!
I've had a wonderful weekend. Revelations and resolutions that have grown me personally, physically, professionally, spiritually, and financially! Thursday (my weekends start on Thursday...) I grew in the area of allowing people to fail. Friday I enjoyed wonderful, enlightening, appreciative company and was reminded of my beauty, wit and grace. Saturday I played in the rain like a child...spontaneous baptism, if you will. I felt renewed and hung out with my big headed cousin watching Bboys and enjoying my "hood". But this morning put the icing on the cake.

I'm walking outside to do some laundry when I hear a girlish giggle and looking over the balcony I see my downstairs neighbor and a suitor. In and of itself, means very little...but let me explain that my neighbor is in her early 60's and her "suitor" is 67. They look like my gramps (blessings) and granny...and she's GIGGLING! I watched as she helped him tie his tie on the front stoop and made my way downstairs, hesitant to interrupt their moment. She's a wonderful lady (in every sense of the word), so she notices me and I say good morning. This beautiful couple proceed to give me the confirmation that I needed.

They are NOT married, they say with a big grin. They spent a wonderful night together, they say with their heads resting against each other. The scent of her apartment is warm, welcoming, comforting and inviting (she tells me she bought incense after smelling it coming from my place >smile<) They tell me that they've been "significant friends" for 3 years and have learned how and when to give each other space. She tells me she wears different wigs to "keep things fun"...(LMBO!!!) They do water aerobics together and she's gotten him to give up pork and salt. He's encouraged her to "show her beautiful smile" and she does! I felt like a sapling in the realm of redwoods...Beautiful and new.

So what does this have to do with me? It's simple. I know that I enjoy companionship. I also enjoy my space. I like waking up occasionally and stretching the length of my bed. I enjoy making a one egg breakfast, being silent for a 24 hour period, closing the door behind a "significant friend" so that I can begin my day, kneeling at my altar without explanation and watching ATHF followed by Amandla. My relationships usually last beyond the break up because I'm a friend first, but the idea of being married (again) holds no bewitching spell for me. Before the choir begins track A, let me say that I love marriages (I HATE weddings...but I truly love happily married people!) My parents have been together since third grade, my brother and sister-in-law are the coolest unit I know...and even my most recent newlywed friends (shouts out BenJala!) are meant to a forever kind of way. But for myself...not so much. I simply don't see the point. Yeah, yeah...I know..."You'll feel differently after a couple of years"...I honestly don't think so.

But feel free to ask me again when I'm giggling and helping my "significant friend" tie his tie on my front porch.



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