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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I keep hearing people lament the state of music. Being constantly subjected to, drowned in and barraged by
images of New Coon Classics (I shall name no names), I thought I'd devote a day to music that you should probably be listening to...
(Caveat: The views of this blog are OBVIOUSLY my opinion...but, guess what. There's a handy little feature on the blog that allows you to tell me how full of craptacularness I am, or what an elitist, hippy, backwards retard I am...In other words...leave a comment. No rules, no censorship...just a comment that you're willing to stand by)

I joke continually that K brings "give us free" hip hop. His recent appearance on Austin City Limits made me stay awake like a "naughty child waiting to watch SNL circa 1980", knowing the jewels would be dropped. (AND brought Chubb Rock to the mix...RESPECT!) I wasn't disappointed! He makes anthems...Mashallah!

I don't have the lingual skills to do this sister justice.  Naija born and expressive as only she can be, I'm jamming her during my work out warm ups, high intensity AND cool downs...I challenge others to walk in her shoes!

Rob Jay
Initially, I was going to delete Rob Jay...not that I don't LOVE what he does...but I'm providing examples, and I could only find ONE of my favorite songs on YouTube...When I found out "Director's Chair" was the single clip...I could only laugh! Lyricist...I've missed you...thanks for reincarnating Self!

Hal Linton
The word "plaintive" would be an easy dismissal of all that Mr. Linton brings to the table. He makes that sound that amateurs reach for when attempting to convey sincerity. A You-Tube favorite for his ability to mix humility and humor into his creative process, Hal Linton delivers vocally. My personal fave? Abandoned Heart with Rob Mounsey...

Esperanza Spalding night E Spalding snuck into my subconscious and started playing music. In an era of  "show your backside AND tonsils simultaneously", Esperanza Spalding singlehandedly restored a Sade~like hope. If you saw her at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston, then you KNOW what I mean. If you didn't, get thee to the House of Blues, QUICKLY! She's converting those unrepentant jazz chanteuse haters, and I'm glad to lead the way

In a word: three words: Subtle head nodding...Muhsinah won't leave you cringing at high notes unreached, instead, you'll find yourself chair dancing and grateful that singer/songwriters are on the way back. While I tend to enjoy her more melodic endeavors, don't sleep on her ability to make you groove with both hands held high.

Jay Electronica
I want to say more, but I can't...Lyricist with the KNOWledge. Electronica provides that PE flow that allows you to learn without realizing you're learning. So holy, I dissect his echoes...Gods and Goddesses...Jay Electronica!

Foreign Exchange
There is something SO sultry about well placed string instruments and ambient sound. In a word, Foreign Exchange encompasses the incidental music of your "coolest moment". Deceptively simple in it's arrangements, but complex in delivery, allow these melodies to provide the soundtrack for a night of seduction.

New Corrine Bailey Rae
The lilting voice of the girl next door, Corrine Bailey Rae ain't folksy enough to be soul and ain't soul enough to be R&B...but what she IS draws you in like gravity. Holding to the haunting voice that gave Like A Star it's signature sound, Rae draws on her own person to bring us something special. When angels sing, they imitate her voice, face and sound. From the new album...

Wiz Khalifa
Been screaming on this one for a year or so...catching on, and I'm smiling. Been a minute since I gave a flip about garden tools, money I'm not spending or a car...Any wonder why Khalifa speaks to me? Let him speak to you!

And a throwback track
Rahsaan Patterson...

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