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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There’s something intriguing about the ability to be hot, cool, relevant, smart and real, simultaneously. So the fact that you find yourself slightly hypnotized by the hip hop stylings of H.I.S.D, don’t be surprised. In fact, be elated, because authentic music is making a comeback in the Space City. With a language, style and true substance of their own, enter the world according to The Houston Independent Spit District…(and by all means, don’t forget your Lando!).

Third Ward natives and long time friends, Savvi, L Da Voice, Scottie Spitten and Equality, collaborate with Golden Corner in the Golden Room, to present an odyssey between the space/time continuum, and it’s good. The basic story line, involves young men headed out for a night on the town, when approached by a mob identifying them as “something different”. Unexplained flashing lights and forward progression find our heroes in a tunnel of light and headed for the unknown.

Luckily for us, they take us along, where we learn their fate. Experiencing the Space City anew, they head to the District to get their space up. The Weakend is near.

H.I.S.D’S third release is rich in jazzy overtones without becoming lazy and monotonous. After multiple listens, you’ll find more than one lyric, sample, idea and layer that didn’t seem to be there the last time you heard it. And this, is what makes this album worth far more than the asking price. No place for “dumbed down” lyricism, repetitive themes or stereotypical euphemisms, there are tracks where you can pick any two who exemplify classic status.

During the Critical Analysis of The Weakend (talk about a concept album), audience members were treated to a list of terms and ideas to accurately portray how the Weakends. Being seen green, maintaining your Lando and getting your Space Up are all characteristics of inhabitants of The District. The explanations are as enriching as the music and you are the lucky recipient. Treat yourself to the Weakend! But before you do…

1) Be Seen Green
2) Don’t forget your Lando
3) Take your Cranberry
4) Keep Rockin
5) Beware of the Automatics

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