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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Every Time I Try To Get Out...They Keep Pullin' Me Back In!!!!

Let’s just get a couple of things out in the open from (21) jump street. The young men in question were at (or over) the age of consent according to Atlanta’s law. So annihilate the “pedophile” discussion. The young men in question received gifts, trips and status for their “time”. Obviously, I question “coercion”. I think the tales told of Atlanta’s “down low” statistics are dramatically overstated for the sake of some women “saving face” about their decision to “husband” a dude in excessive Ed Hardy and arched eyebrows…(it’s your fault if you believed Waiting To Exhale!). Lastly, I don’t even SLIGHTLY care about/for your “Adam and Steve” analogies…so keep that nonsense in your own particular pulpit. Thanks! Oh, and lest my judgement be called into question, I tussled (yes, tussled) with the decision to even “head nod” this situation, because I'm a tad insensitive frank. With that said, this is where I ache. Dogma and adultery. Lay your prejudices aside and follow the rainbow.

I was in the same place you were when the story broke, in my home/office/couch/car on Facebook/Twitter/Digg. In defense, I was probably FAR more familiar with Mr. Long because of my parental unit’s devotion to all things fundamental (I’m such a rebel). Visiting for Thanks/Christmas~ing (while dodging pork laden greens and hamhocked corn), I’m a bit world weary in the realm of religious fanaticism. (Not fair.) My loving Mum is an oil smearing, TBN fan and I love her for it, but I eliminated Long from my imaginary Friends List/Followers WAY before he launch his tirade against homosexuals. (Bite me, I have a problem with discrimination.) Beyond espousing some notion of Biblical righteousness, condemning someone to hell for being born is outside of my comfort realm is ignorant and SMACKS of KKK~isms, so I.just.can’t. Truth told and quiet as kept, I didn’t ~technically~ have a problem with the bling, jet, and prosperity thing. (The phrase “get it how you live” springs to mind). I have a problem with “thou that doth protest too much”. Wondering what I mean? Here’s an example:
The Republican Party…

Seriously, what’s with staging a MARCH against “gay marriage”?!!! An obsession with heterosexuality makes me skittish. An obsession with homosexuality is a warning sign. With the exception of cockroaches (which are just UN~NATURAL), I simply can’t think of anything that I dislike so strongly that they deserve mention in all my conversations. (Sidenote/Example: I mention Idris Elba…FREQUENTLY with Michael Eley playing a runner’s up role, but until THIS post, I’ve said NOTHING about Shemar Moore...point made!). Were Mr. Long unmarried, uncloseted and not such a rabid finger pointer…this would NOT have registered in my consciousness. But now, even his “LongFellows Youth Outreach” statement is questionable:

"Our methodology here at LongFellows is to invade and bring about a culture with these young men that they start believing in a standard that they have something that they hold to, that they never give up or never give in, do the things that they are ordained to do,"

Now it all sounds NAMBLA~esque…allegedly.
Mr. Long is married. I don’t care if he was engaging in questionable consensual congress with a goat, pet rock and ambiguous CPR dolls, if his wife was unaware, then he’s damaged a life! Should the shape-shifting wig have clued her in? Yeah…but vanity is a son~of~a~gun. Should she have questioned the smedium~ness of his shirts?! Sure…but he’s fit and women tend to be hypnotized/dazzled by arms (umm, trust me!). Should she have questioned some of his jewelry?!!! Heck to da yeppers…but status can confuse your most focused folks. Long story, short...if he didn’t... he should have TOLD her. The conversation is pretty easy.

Longstroke: Baby, I got something to tell you BEFORE I propose.
She (hearing the word propose and ignoring all else): Yes dear…
Longstroke: I won’t commit a crime, but I like boys…firm ones who adore my spandex body as rendered by bathroom mirror photos. I’ll share the spoils of my success and people will call you “First Lady” without an election…
She: Just don’t get caught, Kappa

Obviously, sarcasm is my native tongue. Look; don’t drag people into your damned closet! Stay single, unencumbered and childless! Nobody wants to be a casualty of your low self-esteem, self-hating, guilt trampled, delusional war. (Honestly, the above scenario is NOT something I think Mrs. Long would have signed up for and my genuine prayers and positive light is squarely aimed at her and their children! No one deserves what she’s facing right now. Stand strong, Sister!)
Right now, these are ALL allegations and I’m willing to let the devil have his due watch it play out. Viewing things from both sides, I question some things about this situation. Why a civil suit? Why not sexual harassment? Why all the media coverage about “boys” when these young men were at (or above) the age of consent? Why can’t a “Pastor” be gay when the choir director OBVIOUSLY is? Why is “gay” a taboo and trickin’ so prevalent in da church? Why accept gifts? Where were the “well meaning parents”? Does anybody remember when MJ was accused of the same, ONLY to have the chief accuser’s father denounce the charges then commit suicide? And finally, why ask why?

You know I love it when you talk back...

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