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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Perchance To Dream...

Inception ~ Your mind is the scene of the crime...

To reduce the movie Inception to a simple crime drama ignores grand concepts of dream analysis, cathartic release, grief resolution and some pretty significant aspects of id, ego and superego.  But, before you begin to think of this as a cerebral romp through the subconscious, believe me, there is plenty to invoke "wow" moments through special effects.  I'd recommend this movie for as yet another of Leonardo DiCaprio's wild ride to redemption. 

The plot is simple enough.  Dom Cobb (Leo) is a master thief, skilled at extracting information from the dreamscapes of his victims.  Following a failed job, Cobb assembles a team of dream specialists to assist him in doing the one thing he's most unsure about.  Implanting information, known as inception.  In the vein of "one last heists" movies, Cobb has to complete this job successfully to achieve his ultimate goal of being reunited with his children. 

Inception wins through its plot points and twist, not to mention some pretty clever writing designed to disguise a bit of a morality play about the importance of forgiving yourself and releasing the past.  Writer/director Christopher Nolan, who's last work was The Dark Knight, relied on similar dark imagery and sweeping sets ranging from America to Tokyo to carry his story and showcase the special effects, including folding a city block upon itself and very impressive gravity defying fight scenes.

The problem with reviewing a film as intricate and multilayered as Inception, is one tends to give away too much in the retelling, which I won't do here.  (No spoiler alerts).  I will say this for the movie.  It's one that can work as a "date flick" or just something to view as visually stunning beyond the story.

Seen it yet?
What did you think?

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  1. Good review. This is an amazing film. I can't remember the last time I was watching the credits of a film and thinking about seeing the film again. Nolan made a masterpiece!



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