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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'll let you in on a secret. I'm not a blogger. I've been saying so for years now and despite what people may

say...I'm not a blogger. It's true, I write on stray scraps of paper and have volumes of journals, emails and
text messages to myself and even the half hearted attempt to record my random thoughts via the memo portion of my cellphone (which failed miserably, as my voice sounds like a hoarse variation of Harvey Fierstein with a noticeable Southern lilt). Despite this admission, I'm not a blogger. Instead I've tried on different titles, like a supermodel prepping for the runway. I'm a "writer", a "griot", a "story teller", a "reporter" and various other things (that all feel like they fit), but one thing I am not is a blogger.

Having said all that...welcome to my blog.
The name "Keep The Change" came about despite a friend of mine's attempts to distract me from something
workable. (Inside Joke...there will be alot of these, by the way). So I asked myself, "Self...what is the purpose of this? What do you want to accomplish?" And of course, I answered myself, otherwise I'd be crazy.

I want to catalogue random things that I think everyone can relate to. I'm told I'm pretty good at this. All the voices in my head are in agreement on this one...

I want to post reviews about concerts I've seen, albums I've listened to, movies I've watch, television I've suffered through...(getting the drift?).

I want to make people laugh, think, dream and become completely inefficient when they are supposed to be working. I'd like to be your favorite distraction.

I want to offer encouraging words. This one will catch those who know me off guard. Yes, despite all my sarcasm, biting wit, questionable effervescence and general verbal butt kicking...I'd like to be a person responsible for inspiring a person. (How I go about achieving this will be one of the many tests of my writing skill...)

In other words...I wanted to offer my two cents.
But that name was already taken...

Keep The Change is literal...everyone at some point offers their opinion. They toss their two cents into your
bucket and expect a return. Here at Keep The Change, I'll give you my two cents and invite you to keep it!
(You'll never know when it'll come in handy...)

Welcome and enjoy!

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